Umbra is the alias given to a New World Black Court vampire. She is has been modified to be stronger than a typical black court vampire as well as not having having their typical weaknesses of stakes or sunlight. She appears to have control over shadows and has shown an ability to teleport between them.

Spoilers! Current Info!


Umbra and (a)"Bugsy" attacked the main characters at one of (a)Edmund Schodowski's Undergrounds restaurants, and the building was significantly damaged in the process. (a)Maxwell Edison successfully seduced her into having a more positive relationship with him than the rest of the party.

During Episode 347 it was revealed that "Umbra" is actually the alpha universe version of Megan Donovan and that she appears to be working for the alpha universe version of Abigail Rockefeller. When Maxwell asked for a chance to talk to her about what was going on with their attacks on them, she said that she only was after (a)Allan Montgomery and that if Maxwell wanted to talk, he should set up a meeting through the alpha universe version of Crispy Bruce who she calls John.|}