Abigail is a powerful wizard and the head of the University Circle. She is currently working on a way to cure her mother's vampirism. She has a method she's working on but it destroys the vampire in the process. Her sister Constance is also working towards helping their mother but with a very different methodology.

Spoilers! Current Info!


During a meeting with London Deels, Abigail is convinced to assist the party against her sister Constance Abigail wasn't told the exact details, however.

When the final encounter went down and Bill Donovan's death curse caused Constance to go insane, Abigail opened a portal to the Never Never and took Constance through it. While Constance was being brought through the portal Roberto Martinez attacked Constance, hoping to kill her once and for all but failed to do so.


Wild Fae Lord uses The Arbiter to call a meeting between the party and herself because he was very upset that a powerful insane vampire was brought into his realm and was causing serious damage. Abigail attempted to blame London and Allan Montgomery for the problem since it was them that plotted behind her back to mentally damage her sister.

The Arbiter decided that the blame should be split since Abigail was the one who chose to take her to the Never Never even if she had little to do with her sister's violent condition.