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A somewhat idealistic member of the White Council of wizards, he learned the ropes of wizardry under the tutelage of Bill Donovan as his apprentice. Allan previously was assigned a cushy job watching over the Bahamas before the word came out that Bill had stopped reporting in. Allan was reassigned to Cleveland to find his mentor, uncover the mystery surrounding his disappearance and hopefully keep the city from slipping further into corruption.

His elemental specialties are spirit and water magic.

Allan's Car - 1972 Pontiac Lemans

Pontiac Lemans
Backup Scooter - Vespa V50 (Post Strangers)
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When Allan goes to the scene of where Bill Donovan's was last scene, the late Sarah Lemmons's home where Bill used magic to kill people, Sarah's ghost is summoned by Allan to explain what happened. The ghost connects with Allan, compelling him to help find her lost daughter Janus Lemmons and speaking to him inside his head.

While investigating the Cleveland Clinic, Allan found Bill Donovan trapped in a back room. After Bill explains what happened to Janus and Sarah (see Bill Donovan's page), Allan judged Bill and decided that as punishment for his crimes he deserved to die. A plan was created to use his death to defeat Constance Rockefeller and keep the baby Janus safe.

During the final battle, Bill attacked Allan with a fireball and was gutted by Constance's claws which led to him using his death curse to cause Constance to lose parts of her sanity every time she used her magic.


Allan was attacked by some sort of powerful entity that was able to trap him in a trance and fight with him mentally. Allan recognized the voice of this patchwork monster made out of human parts as Ryan Nelson, who threatened Allan and claimed to have raised his weight class.

Reppa Pierce and Roberto Martinez astrally projected to look for what it was that caused Allan to be trapped in that state. Upon seeing a silver cord attaching Allan to something he couldn't see, Roberto decided to sever it in hopes of saving Allan. Cutting the cord caused Allan's soul to become untethered to his body, requiring a ritual to bind it to a gem that he currently wears on a necklace around his neck.
Soul Pendant


In between Rituals and Echoes Allan has noticed that he's unable to travel past the Emerald Necklace with his soul gem necklace.


After the finale of the story, the Prime version of Allan and the Alpha version of Allan ((a)Allan Montgomery) merged together. The Vespa that Allan kept around as a backup vehicle became a deep candy red as parts of the darker version of Allan blended with the Prime universe version.

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