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Former warden of Cleveland and mentor of Allan Montgomery. He recently disappeared under mysterious circumstances, leading to Allan being reassigned to Cleveland to find out what happened to him.

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After the party discovers Bill in a back room in the Cleveland Clinic it is uncovered that he had been working with Constance Rockefeller in the past but he had failed her and he was being held captive because of it. Years of being the warden of Cleveland had had a slowly corrupting influence on Bill as he became more and more easily manipulated by the darker and more powerful elements in the city and his methods became more and more dark themselves.

Eventually his fall led to him working for Constance to take the child Janus Lemmons for use in her experiments but Bill had a change of heart and attacked Constance's henchmen and hid the child himself.

Bill agreed his crimes required punishment and he agreed to work with the party to bring down Constance and keep Janus safe.

During the final battle of Delivery wherein Constance was double crossed and Janus was switched out, Bill was gutted by Constance's claws and used his death curse to permanently damage Constance's mind and causing her to lose her sanity and become more bestial if she ever uses her magic again.