Incident Aboard The Egret Edit

A group of aristocratic strangers meet on a zeppelin leaving from Sao Paulo Brazil on its way to London England. The airship itself is the fastest in the fleet and used mainly a mail courier that allows small numbers of voyagers the marvel of air travel. Luxury quarters, advanced technology and mysterious upper class passengers set the stage for explosive danger and adventure.

Casper Hoch
Fitzwilliam Slough
Edite Morgadez
Augusta Slough
Sebastian Dunn
Dr. Anthony Beacham
Dr. Ian Trillbridge
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Night of the Ardent Masks Edit

The Spiral Archipelago is a place that strains under the yoke of the oppressive Clockwork Guardians, robotic beings that use their power to enforce the order of the world with themselves at the top. It is a place of harsh rule, strict laws and steam powered mechanical wonders that are literally part of the geography. Questioning the law of the Clockwork Empire is considered treason which forces the opposition to shadowy alleys and the houses of ill repute but the fight for freedom continues on...

House Voluptus is a house that was laid low by its own ambition hundreds of years ago. Built upon information brokering and back alley deals, Voluptus led a failed coup to become one of the Imperial Houses and due entirely to the genius of the head of the house, Horatio Voluptus, came closer to achieving that goal than any before it. The Clockwork Empire crushed the house but allowed it to survive in the rebel territory of Aeronaut's Demense as long as allegiance was promised.

Much time has passed since then and Voluptas is a rising star in the underworld of the pirate city of Hiraeth. Through drug smuggling, brothels, information trade, and other criminal dealings House Voluptas has been gaining some measure of power. But the Clockwork Empire has a long memory and doesn't suffer treachery well. On the eve of the yearly ball that is thrown by Voluptas, a representative from the Empire is about to arrive to check in to make sure that the house is staying in line. The group that leads Voluptas from the shadows as well as their corrupted puppet castellan prepare for an event that could either allow them to continue their strengthening of illegitimate ties or, if things go badly, put them against the Clockwork Empire itself in a dramatic way.

Bloodlines of the Spiral Archipelago (races)

House Creation Rules (Based on the A Song of Ice and Fire RPG)

The History of House Voluptus

Amus Harcourt Osterhagen
Weston Bale

Important NPCs

Grand Duke Silas D'Angent
Sir Taragent Cross III
Lady Susurrus
Sir Bi'trick Azure
Duchess Belom Vrill
Qui Eloqane
Lord Bazel Moity
Admiral Cord
Ether Touched God of Chaos

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