General purpose vampiric goon. Bruce may not be his actual name but nobody seems to care.

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"Crispy Bruce" is the alias given by Maxwell Edison, as nobody really cared to find out his real name until after they were interrogating him.

He was Megan Donovan's boyfriend and was one of the beings that received a soul of a child during an experiment by the Cleveland Clinic creating black court vampires that are not destroyed by daylight. He's one of the vampires that normally last only around a month before they "burn out" due to the procedure.

At the Hannah Theatre he fought with, but not really against, the heroes and received damage from different sources which led to Maxwell dubbing him "Crispy Bruce" after he had his face burned and "Waffle Bruce" from being hit into fire escape stairs. He was captured along with another vampire named Ed and interrogated at the A-Amazing HQ.

During the interrogation, "Bruce" had his eye crushed by Roberto Martinez after he cursed at Roberto and spat in his face. Between the terror caused by Roberto playing bad cop and Maxwell playing good cop, "Bruce" told the party everything he knew. It became clear that he didn't mean them any harm during the fight in the theatre and he agreed to help them try to get in touch with Megan if they let him go.

After the interrogation, against the wishes of the rest of the heroes, Maxwell let "Bruce" go because of his belief that any life is sacred.

He did come through and helped the set up a meeting with Megan so the heroes could strategize about what to do about Constance Rockefeller and Janus Lemmons.

"Bruce" and Megan agreed to be test subjects for Abigail Rockefeller in an experiment to cure black court vampirism in exchange for Abigail's help against Constance.


Between Delivery and Rituals Maxwell also gained "Bruce" as an ally since he did save "Bruce"'s life, as much as he is alive. "Bruce" is working for Maxwell giving him information.

One Shot:

He's working for Maxwell Edison watching over a few properties for trouble. He called Maxwell to warn him that someone broke into Zelda Sykes' apartment.