Danny is the ex husband of Jenny Browning. His exact connection to the goings on in Chagrin Falls is unknown.

Spoilers! Current Info!


Danny formed a group of monster hunters called the Dock Worker's Association back in the early 90’s.The group didn't have much in the ways of resources or information about the supernatural but they did the best they could to defend their families and neighborhoods. The purpose of the Dock Worker's Association was hidden from their families, including Danny's wife Jenny who had increasing difficulty turning a blind eye to her husband disappearing until all hours in the morning and then returning home covered with bruises and bloody clothing.

Jenny’s suspicions eventually got the better of her and she uncovered the true purpose of Danny’s late night activities. Unfortunately it was a little too late to avoid tragedy as Danny’s actions eventually resulted in the death of their daughter Grace. It was then, with his ‘dead’ daughter in his arms that Danny finally cracked and revealed this decision to move to a compound in Chagrin Falls with the remainder of his hunter organization, and more importantly, to ‘fix’ his daughter. Jenny refused to follow him any deeper into the madness and left him.

During a hell-filled night of frantic, bloody combat, the members of Taskforce S.I.R.E.N. survived the attacks of a sister cell of Task Force VALKYRIE agents, the animated corpses of Danny’s former friends and allies, feeder demons licking at the torment being inflicted upon the compound , time spirits inhabiting Grace, and an attack helicopter sent by TFV.

During the melee, Danny was shot through the rifle scope by Jay Alton. When he was found in the remnants of the burning farmhouse by Daniel Morgan , Danny was severely injured from the battle and chose to take his own life by eating a bullet. When he died he was in possession of a very interesting antique rifle which was taken by Daniel.