Currently the Head of Emergency Care at Lutheran General Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio. An accomplished medical practitioner, he is charming and a polished socialite. Dr. Myles is also an avowed skeptic and is prone to recklessness, carousing, and expensive appetites.

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Shit Luck

After treating Tony Bonadio following the explosion at the first safe house, he recognized something strange about Tony's wounds and the way that they were not healing properly. Lucius received a message from his Cheiron Group handlers saying that they would take Tony's body and that Lucius should return him to them. Lucius instead snuck Tony out of the hospital in a mad frenzy and pretended that his transport was attacked and that Tony was stolen, all the while working to get Tony back to Taskforce S.I.R.E.N.

After the story concluded, Lucius' betrayal cost him his position at Lutheran Hospital. He is currently working at a methadone clinic.