Ethan is a server at the Market Avenue Wine Bar. His actions on the first night of the story ignite an investigation that will change everyone involved.

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Shit Luck:

The day that the story begins, Ethan wanted to go out with his girlfriend that night and switched shifts with John Beamer.

Earlier that day Sidestreet Billy had asked John why he had glass in his face. The question confused John and Billy fled before they could find out what he meant.

Later that night, during the shift that was Ethan's original time to work, he stole his parents' Porche which he drove through the window of the Market Avenue Wine Bar. The crash almost killed himself, Henry Jacobs, Dr. Lucius Myles, Tony Bonadio but the quick thinking of Taskforce S.I.R.E.N. saved all their lives as they reacted quickly to the situation and helped out everyone that was hurt.

During the crash, Ethan flew out the windshield of the car and into a mirror behind the bar itself, showering his face with glass and confirming Billy's vision which was originally with John. Ethan switching shifts seemed to have put him in John's place.

Ethan was saved from the brink of death by Dr. Lucius and rushed to Lutheran Hospital. There it was discovered that he had no memory of what had happened leading up to the theft of the car or the incident but was otherwise fine.

The last thing he remembered was talking to an odd looking older man who turned out to be Benjamin. Benjamin was using Ethan to try to attack Henry for his work with Vitamin Bee and had taken control of Ethan.