Grace Rocklin is the enigmatic daughter of Danny. She is an important part of the secret behind the Chagrin compound. Her secrets have not yet become known to Taskforce S.I.R.E.N.

She has cleaned up a bit since the picture was taken.

Spoilers! Current Info!


The things we know so far about Grace's past have been quite dark. Danny 's journal and interviews with his ex wife have shown that Grace had been thought to have been dead, with his ex wife blaming Danny's more violent hunter excursions for whatever happened to her.

Danny had said he had a plan to help her or otherwise bring her back and that led him to the compound in Chagrin where something happened that brought her back. 

When the group found Grace she was very closely interacting with time spirits, whether they were possessing her, attacking her or defending her has been unclear but the spirits did appear to be hostile to the S.I.R.E.N. team that was trying to rescue her.

The Sin Eater:

Neither Danny's journal or the interviews with his ex wife mentioned Grace having any supernatural abilities but Grace clearly has them since she was brought back.

She seems to have a special relationship with ghosts where she can see them even when normal mortals can't. She also has some time based powers relating to rewinding time where she retains knowledge of the preceding timeline although she is the only one that does so.

Before the events of Chagrin, Grace took 12 people to Franklin Castle and led them through "a door" that had something to do with time travel. She was shown a picture of Kasey Shay by Daniel Morgan which she recognized, confirming that it was the missing Task Force VALKYRIE members. She was told by an unknown entity that it was something that needed to happen and that it was going to help but she was unwilling to say who told her.

Grace has a huge scarred over neck wound that, while it has been mostly healed over, appears to be large enough that it would have been a mortal wound when it occurred originally. The wound and a cameo necklace have been hidden under her turtleneck that she had always been wearing.

The necklace was made of black lace and seashell tied close like a choker with a woman's silhouette. It was hiding the neck wound and Storyteller Scott described its ability to hide the neck wound as possibly magical or otherwise "too perfectly" in a way that was obviously unnatural to Michael Clay.

As of Episode 233 Grace has been confirmed to be a Sin Eater who somehow became bonded to a Geist called Sweeney. The ghost of Theodore recognized the Geist upon touching Grace's hand and claimed that it was Sweeney that had kill him, as well as the other two ghost children.