Henry is a barfly and sales rep from Vitamin Bee. He's going through some rough times and his troubles draw Task Force S.I.R.E.N into their first mission.

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Shit Luck:

At the start of the story, Henry had had a string of "shit luck" involving him being mugged, having poor sales, been hit by a car and having his wife leave him all within the last three months. He told all these stories in a monotone, emotionless state and seemed to be in a daze. His poor luck had begun with a sale to a local beekeeper who turned out to be Benjamin. Dr Lucius Myles offered to take a cheek swab tissue sample back to check out to see if there was anything wrong with him.

During a posessed daze, Ethan Frost stole his parents' porche and smashed it into the of the bar, almost killing himself, Henry Jacobs, Lucius Myles, John Beamer and Tony Bonadio. The quick thinking and actions of the Taskforce S.I.R.E.N. members saved all their lives and he attempted to flee the scene but was followed by Tony and convinced to go back to Tony's condo upstairs in the Wine Bar.

Later that night Henry and Tony decided to go to Henry's house to get some clothes so that he could be comfortable with an extended stay with Taskforce S.I.R.E.N. and the rest of the group decided to follow.

Tony went with Henry into his house while the other heroes set up to stake out the house. Tony discovered that Henry's house was eerily orderly and clean almost as if no one had been living in it.

While Tony was inside, Henry climbed out one of the side windows and tried to escape his rescuers, which was the first sign of emotion he had shown so far, but was discovered by Jay Alton. Jay, Tony and Chu Park gave chase and Henry was tackled by Tony.

As Henry was dropped by Tony, Henry collapsed into a corpse and bees burst out of his ears nose and mouth, scarring Jay for life and giving him a fear of bees. The heroes transported the body to Dr. Lucius' secret Cheiron Group laboratory on Whiskey Island. His autopsy revealed that he was filled with honeycomb like replacement parts. His organs were entirely honeycombed and he was filled with bee larvae. Dr. Lucius took some samples and had the body locked up by the Cheiron Group. Although Taskforce S.I.R.E.N. did not become aware of it, Henry had been cursed with the titular "Shit Luck" by Benjamin because he was currently working for Vitamin Bee. The curse had spread to Tony Bonadio when he tackled Henry, as the curse spreads after death.