The strange child that everyone in Cleveland seems to be trying to find.

Spoilers! Current Info!


Janus is the heterochromatic (person with two different eye colours) daughter of Sarah Lemmons and an unnamed fae. She has a rare genetic condition called chimerism which has resulted in her being the melding of two people from before she was born.

Her condition makes her a human with two souls and because of this she is being sought after by Constance Rockefeller. Constance wants to use Janus to empower her mother and create a new, more powerful kind of Black Court vampire.

Janus was born with the help of a midwife introduced to Sarah by Ryan Nelson.

Bill Donovan, working with the Cleveland Clinic, tracked down Janus and her family. Bill had a change of heart and attacked the other henchmen before taking Janus himself and sending him to the Cleveland underground to be watched over by ghoul.

Eventually Allan Montgomery and his associates found Janus and took her with them. Allan set up a ruse to pretend to give up Janus to Constance. Janus was being held by Allan in his cloak when Bill Donovan shot a fireball at her, As was part of the plan. Allan teleported Janus away in the process making it appear that she was dead but instead gave her to his White Council superior to care for.

Current whereabouts unknown.