A veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, the majority of his service record remains highly classified. He is presently serving a special detail in the States under the direction of Winston Tate.

Jay is an expert in sniper weapons, covert ops, and specialized combat tactics. He uses the the toxic compounds from the Ascending Ones conspiracy to grant him the power to combat the forces of darkness.

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Shit Luck

After the initial attack on the Wine Bar, Jay is one of the people that went to Henry Jacobs' house to get clothes for him so that he would be comfortable in the care of Taskforce S.I.R.E.N. Henry was spotted attempting to flee the home, Jay, Chu and Tony chased him and Tony tackled him. As Henry was tackled by Tony, Henry collapsed into a corpse and bees burst out of his ears nose and mouth, scarring Jay for life and giving him a fear of bees.

Jay was the first to discover Sidestreet Billy asleep in their second "safe house". Covered in blood and gore, especially around his hands and mouth it was clear that he had killed John Beamer. After a tense discussion with Michael Clay about what to do with Billy, Jay decided to interrogate him about what happened and why since Billy had always been an ally to them. After Billy explained that John had been using implanted parts of werewolves and that John had been killed for the grave disrespect of Billy's people, Jay decided to let Billy stay there. Michael Clay did not agree, since not only did Billy admit to killing one of their allies, Michael was part of the Aegis Kai Doru, who specifically do not trust shape shifters like werewolves.

While scouting the headquarters of Vitamin Bee before the group started planning their attack, Jay left his high powered sniper rifle in the bell tower of the church across the street. This fact has been the source of constant joking from the rest of the group ever since.


After botching an attempt to use his Ascending Ones ability to process the caustic fluid that he injected into his eye with hopes of seeing supernatural effects, Jay went permanently blind in one eye.

The Sin Eater