London is the metrosexual focused practitioner who everyone goes to to find what's been lost. Using a magical broken compass that his father gave him and powers of fey illusion, he can find what you're after for the right price.

At the start of the Delivery story, London is laying low after a job for Constance Rockefeller at the Cleveland Clinic didn't quite go as planned. The extra danger led him to hire Roberto Martinez as a bodyguard.

London drives a red Jaguar F-Type
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Before the events of Delivery, Constance had hired London Deels to track someone using a blood sample. The tracking spell resulted in a very strange reaction that London wasn't used to and he was unable to find the person the blood belonged to.

It was discovered that the reason the ritual failed was because of the unique biology of the person being tracked, Janus Lemmons was a chimera, a person with created by the merging of two zygotes in the womb. Janus' condition resulted in her having two separate types of blood. With the help of the party Janus was found being protected by a morlock in the tunnels beneath the city.

The party set up a deal with Constance, claiming to be giving her Janus. Their plan was to use Bill Donovan and Abigail, as well as the sewer ghouls against Constance while switching out the child during the trade off. When the trap went off, Bill Donovan used his death curse to drive Constance insane. Abigail, who wasn't told all that was going to happen to her sister, opened a gateway to the Nevernever to let her sister get away. Roberto Martinez took the opportunity to attack Constance, hoping to get a final blow on her but he was unable to do enough damage to kill her.


During the attack on the White Court compound, London executed John Renaldi with his concealed derringer pistol at close range.

In the epilogue it is revealed that London had Anna Salvatori in his basement and he called upon Zelda Sykes to help him talk to her.


It is revealed that Anna is actually the daughter of London Deels and a White Court vampire who hired London in the past. Anna doesn't know that London was her father.

London was called by The Arbiter to stand as the representative of the party in a disagreement with the Wild Fae Lord. Since she has been driven insane and sent to the Nevernever, Constance has been wreaking havoc on the fae of that area. The Wild Fae Lord called upon The Arbiter to try to get retribution and arbitration to have the system dealt with, calling upon Abigail and London as the person who teleported her to the Never Never and representative of the group responsible for the planning of the trap respectively.

The Arbiter decided that the blame should be split since Abigail was the one who chose to take her to the Nevernever even if she had little to do with her sister's violent condition.


After returning from an interdimensional journey, Reppa Pierce found the universe he returned to changed in his absence. One of the changes was that no one had heard of London. By all accounts he seemed to have never existed.

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