This is the page for the Prime universe version of Maxwell. For the Alpha version (Strangers) click here.

Maxwell Edison is a normal human who works undercover for the government keeping tabs on supernatural forces, their activities and their weaknesses. Maxwell's investigations keep him trying to find the balance between helping the people he's sworn to protect, assisting the government, and steadfastedly protecting all forms of life.

At the start of Delivery he works for Edmund Schodowski at the A-Amazing Detective Agency.

His handler at the FBI is Roger Matosak, who he communicates with via coded messages, dead drop boxes and other intermittent mediums to keep his actual job hidden.

Spoilers! Current Info!


Between Delivery and Rituals, Maxwell gets promoted to head investigator at A-Amazing Detective Agency and, within his government job, gets transferred to Homeland Security by Roger Matosak. Maxwell had to be written off of the FBI books as quitting before switching departments so he's in deep cover and nobody knows he's still an agent.

Between Delivery and Rituals Maxwell also gained Crispy Bruce as an ally since he did save "Bruce"'s life, as much as he is alive. "Bruce" is working for Maxwell giving him information.

Character Sheet as of the start of Delivery:
It's worth noting that there is an error in how the sheet was originally built but it has since been corrected.