An academic accustomed to research and reading field reports, the Shit Luck mission is Michael's first time out in the "front lines". While he has never faced the hidden forces in person, his knowledge of the dangers is extensive. However, he realizes that he may not be cut out for field ops just yet...

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Shit Luck

Jay Alton was the first to discover Sidestreet Billy asleep in their second "safe house". Covered in blood and gore, especially around his hands and mouth it was clear that he had killed John Beamer. After a tense discussion with Michael Clay about what to do with Billy, Jay decided to interrogate him about what happened and why since Billy had always been an ally to them. After Billy explained that John had been using implanted parts of werewolves and that John had been killed for the grave disrespect of Billy's people, Jay decided to let Billy stay there. Michael Clay did not agree, since not only did Billy admit to killing one of their allies, Michael was part of the Aegis Kai Doru who view shape shifters like werewolves as abominations.


The Sin Eater