Nina's Diary Edit

Dear Dad,

I know that if you were still with me, you would regard my new companions as highly as I do. Each of them demonstrates characteristics that often reminds me of you. None of them are perfect, yet each demonstrate incredible abilities I first witnessed in you in our all too brief time together.

Eschmann carries himself proudly yet is a caring healer who can deal great unseen damage to our adversaries

Teela has an unequaled strength of character and bravery in the face of terror. It is so like that which I have seen in you during those darkest of hours.

Bos is a beautiful, noble man who's physical strength complements his unique combination of sharp analytical thinking and selflessness.

Sig has a truly unquenchable thirst for knowledge, so like yours, and is himself a fascinating wonder seemingly beyond knowing. As you know, I have a deep interest in all Numenera. His seems truly unbounded.

Felix is a formidable archer that I would most like to emulate. He is pound for pound the bravest, sweetest soul in our group. Despite his diminutive stature, I feel safest at his side.

The esprit de corps of my companions is amazing dad. At least it seems that way to me with my inexperience in group participation activities Sure there are issues, but as you often said - we are "doing the best with what we have".

<3 Your Neen