A retired expert sniper who uses psychotropic chemicals to give him insights into the unseen world. Reppa is a name he goes by and comes from RPA, or Red Pill Advocate which relates to the concept of being awaken to truth. He knows Roberto Martinez from shared social outings at veterans groups. 

He has done past work for the Cleveland Clinic, the group run by Constance Rockefeller, but it's unknown what he did.

He is on the list that Roberto gets between Delivery and Rituals but Roberto has kept that secret (see Roberto's page)

At the start of the Rituals story, Reppa works for Edmund Schodowski as someone who helps Ed Tarboosh collect special ingredients for non-human customers at Edmund's new restaurant, Higher Grounds.

Reppa repeatedly makes a point to say he is willing to use many types of drugs but nothing that is habit forming, like alcohol or caffeine.

He is a member of Cleveland's Paranet.

He drives a Chrysler Town and Country, 7 seater

Spoilers! Current Info!


When the strange rituals start coming to light, Edmund introduces Reppa to Allan Montgomery, saying he might be able to put his alchemical abilities to use.


Between Rituals and Passages, Reppa becomes the leader of the new West Coast chapter of the Cleveland Paranet


While returning to Cleveland after world walking, Reppa finds that his world is different than he left it. He has a sense for sense for which universe is his and how I get back and he feels that the world is the correct one but it is different in many ways.

After getting in contact with (a)Maxwell Edison, (a)Roberto Martinez and (a)Edmund Schodowski Reppa explained the situation and asked where London Deels and Zelda Sykes were. The Alpha people didn’t know who either of they were. Thinking that (a)Anna Salvatori might be a good person to contact for information about London since the Anna that Reppa knows is London’s daughter Maxwell used his contact Crispy Bruce to set up a meeting with her. Maxwell also started investigating Zelda Sykes.

Reppa found out that the Alpha universe version of Reppa was into making harsh chemical narcotics. Alpha Reppa went missing when the Alpha party found out about the Fourth Nail and sent Reppa to get it to use in their cause but Reppa never returned and now this new version of Reppa showed up.

After (a)Allan Montgomery joined the party he used his soul gaze on Reppa to see if he was someone that he’d ever soul gazed before and it seemed as though he had which proved that he was truly Reppa.

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