One of the important characters in the mystery surrounding the disappearance of the warden Bill Donovan. Their exact relationship is a mystery as of the beginning of the Delivery storyline.

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Sarah is the mother of Janus Lemmons, the child with two souls due to her rare genetic condition of chimerism. Even before she was born, the special nature of her daughter has her on the run from the Cleveland Clinic, which is run by Constance Rockefeller who is looking to use her baby as a way to create a new kind of incredibly powerful vampire.

Ryan Nelson helped Sarah find a midwife to assist in the birth away from the Cleveland Clinic.

People with the Cleveland Clinic, including Bill Donovan, came to get the baby and Sarah died in a fight that broke out when Bill turned on the other Clinic men. Sarah became a ghost and haunted her home where she was killed.

Allan Montgomery communed with her at the location of her death and was subsequently haunted by Sarah, who frequently telepathically told Allan to help her daughter or attempted to compel him to do so.