Billy is a vagrant that lives on the streets of Ohio City and a frequent recipient of handouts from the owner's of the Market Avenue Wine Bar. It's his premonition about John Beamer that starts the heroes' investigation.

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Shit Luck:

William Hobson is a werewolf whose pack was mostly destroyed by Vitamin Bee and Murih Mutharras in a carbon monoxide poisoning attack when they were preparing to take control over the locus that the werewolf pack was defending. The loss of his pack led to him drifting into the life of a heroin addicted hobo. He spent much of his time in the alley behind the Market Avenue Wine Bar, begging for food.

John Beamer was working at the Wine Bar and was making breakfast when Billy knocked on the back door, looking for food. Billy appeared to be in a drug induced stupor. He asked why John had glass in his face. When John did not respond in a way that Billy could accept, Billy fled the scene.

After witnessing John using his powers during a fight, including claws that had been harvested from a werewolf and implanted into him by the Cheiron Group, Sidestreet Billy started to reconsider his opinion that Taskforce S.I.R.E.N. were on his side. Billy followed John back to the second safe house where he used a magical coin to bypass the magical barrier put on the place by Sister Katie O'Connor. There Billy changed into his werewolf form and killed John.

Later that day, the rest of Taskforce S.I.R.E.N. met up at the second safe house and discovered Billy asleep amidst the bloody remains of the carnage. Jay Alton had Billy woken up and learned of John's fate as well as the the reason why Billy killed him. Billy explained how disgusting and offensive it was to have someone parading around with dismembered parts of his people, using them as weapons.

Jay decided to leave Billy alone, telling him that he could use the garage as he saw fit if he agreed to let S.I.R.E.N. use his magic coin to gain entrance to Vitamin Bee.

Michael Clay was horrified at the decision and insisted that they had to kill Billy for what he did to their friend as well as for being a werewolf, which was seen as an abomination by his Aegis Kai Doru conspiracy. After a heated conversation between him and Jay, he agreed not to attempt to kill Billy himself but he was not happy with the how it concluded.

After S.I.R.E.N. moved onto their next safe house Billy continued to use the garage as a place to stay until after the attack on Vitamin Bee. Jay put the coin in the garage when Billy was out and left it there for him to take.