The low level practitioners of supernatural abilities are organized into a group called The Paranet. They typically aren't powerful enough on their own to affect the established order so they are left alone for the most part.

As of the start of the story, Ryan Nelson is the head of Cleveland's Paranet

Spoilers! Current Info!

One Shot

After the betrayal of Ryan Nelson during Rituals, Zelda Sykes has moved to the west side and is the leader of the entire Cleveland Paranet.

Between Rituals and Passages, Reppa Pierce becomes the leader of the new West Coast chapter of the Cleveland ParaNet

Members Edit

  • Zelda Sykes - Roma who uses Tarot cards to predict and manipulate the future.
  • Reppa Pierce - Entheogenic organic alchemist and former military sniper.
  • Ryan Nelson - Nerdy leader of the Cleveland Paranet with the power to amplify the power of others.
  • Esther - can speak to squirrels
  • Sam Kelly - Gunslinger
  • Sybil Landsford - Sense supernatural Phenomena and uses her powers to scan and relay information to covens and parents.
  • Apollo Vera - whenever it rains, he never needs an umbrella.
  • Catherine Baumler - Lavender Lady. Can calm people with lavender oil.
  • Otis O'Leary - Maintains soda and bottled water machines around Cleveland and sets up wifi nodes to sniff network traffic.
  • Stella Warden - Theater performer who can bring even the hardest hearted man to tears with the power of her voice.
  • Melanie Daniels - Can talk to birds to gather information.
  • Myrtle Jacobs - Librarian Bibiomancer, turns up records of supernatural events in and around Cleveland.
  • Takuya Shimamura (Tak) - Computer wiz from Japan who is web connected.
  • Jason - Medical student attempting to map the genome of supernatural beings to try to find the source of their powers.
  • Juan - Peruvian who is attuned to the Nevernever. The veil between worlds appears thinner than for most. He can sense what's on the other side but can not affect it.
  • Patrick Conway - Co-owner of the Great Lakes Brewery Company and an accomplished alchemist.
  • Logan - Martial artist based mage who uses subtle manipulation to empower his physical abilities.
  • Susan Kramer - Veteran Ranger of the Metro Parks who is a quiet member of the Paranet. She tends to minor Fae who cross over between worlds.
  • Gina Karson - Somewhat distracted college girl who can create illusions that only she can see.
  • Father Gramish - Old Orthodox priest who has a long history of hunting evil things. He lives in a church in the worst ghetto of Cleveland.