Having served several tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as a corpsman, he was honorably discharged due to injuries sustained from an IED. Tony is particularly skilled in navigating difficult terrain and is an expert in small unit logistics, stealth, and camouflage.

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Shit Luck:

While defending the safe house above the Market Avenue Wine Bar from an attack by agents of Vitamin Bee, Tony discovered a large bomb in the basement. Everyone else was able to get out and Tony took it upon himself to put his demolitions training to use and disarm the bomb. The Shit Luck curse (that had transferred to Tony from Henry Jacobs when Henry was tackled and collapsed, becoming a corpse) complicated his job and led to him blowing himself up.

Dr Lucius Myles, once again showing his incredible ability to save critically wounded people, was able to stablize Tony and get him to the hospital. Tony's body resisted many of Lucius' attempts to heal him permanantly and he was looking like he was going to die so Lucius decided to contact the Cheiron Group. They told Lucius that Tony was going to die and that he was ordered to deliever Tony's body back to them so that they can take their implanted supernatural creature parts back out of him.

Lucius refused the order and snuck Tony out to a pickup by Taskforce S.I.R.E.N., pretending that he was attacked and the body was stolen mid transit. 

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